Minimum Wage

National Minimum Wage (and Living Wage)
The minimum wage rates for all ages as from 1st April 2022 are as follows: 

Over 23*-year-olds

£9.50 per hour 

 21-22 year olds:

£9.18 per hour 

18-20 year olds:

£6.83 per hour

16-17year olds:

£4.81  per hour

Apprentice rate:

£4.81 per hour

Accommodation Rate:

£8.70 per day or £60.90 per week

Lowering of NLW age

*As part of a two-step age threshold reduction, the NLW was extended to apply to workers aged 23 and 24 from 1st April 2021. It is expected that it will apply to those aged 21 and 22 by 2024.

Previous minimum wage rates 

The previous minimum wage rates to 31st March 2022 for all ages were:

Over 25-year-olds

£8.91 per hour 

21-24 year olds

£8.36 per hour 

18-20 year olds

£6.56 per hour

16-17year olds

£4.62 per hour

Apprentice rate

£4.30 per hour

Accommodation Rate

£8.36 per day or £57.52 per week