Other Payments

Statutory Sick Pay From April 2022:
  •  Weekly rate = £99.35
  •  Total SSP per year = 28 weeks (196 days)
  •  LEL must be at or over £123.00 per week to qualify

Lower Earnings Limit (LEL)

The LEL is the amount of earnings that allow an employee to qualify for certain state benefits, and is set each tax year by the government. The current LEL is £120.00** per week (was previously £118).

Guaranteed Payment

There is a limit of £31.00 per day from April 2022 on the guarantee payment rate, giving a maximum guarantee payment of £155.00 for five workless days in any 3-month period.  
(The previous guaranteed payment rate was £29.00 per day and £145.00 per week).