8. Additional Bank Holidays

Usually there are 8 bank holidays each year, however on occasion additional bank holidays are introduced (e.g. 9 bank holidays in 2022 due to the Queen's Platinum Jubilee). This can raise queries for some employers as to whether their employees take the extra time off, and if so, whether it comes out of their normal holiday entitlement. There is no entitlement to bank holidays, and most employers who do not open on bank holidays deduct the bank holidays from the annual leave entitlement. The statutory minimum holiday entitlement is 5.6 weeks (28 days for someone who works 5 days a week). Where a full-time employee does not work bank holidays, the usual 8 bank holidays are often deducted from their entitlement, leaving them with 20...

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What to do if an additional bank holiday (either as a one off occasion or as a permanent bank holiday) is added to the calendar

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