4. Disciplinary Investigations

Carrying out an Investigation

If you have a potential disciplinary (or capability) situation it is essential to carry out an appropriate investigation. The areas for investigation will vary depending on the circumstances (see examples below).

The investigation will entail gathering evidence to substantiate (or otherwise) the allegation or complaints.

It may even result in the conclusion that there is no need to move to formal disciplinary.

An investigation will entail gathering the facts. This may include looking at documents and letters; talking to witnesses and taking witness statements. It may also include evidence such as emails or other communications from customers, recordings of telephone conversations (e.g. if your system records calls), reviewing CCTV or other video evidence. It will basically be anything...

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Within the workplace there can be many reasons why it may become necessary to carry out an investigation. In all of these situations the investigation is essential in order to ensure that the Company has all the relevant facts and information.

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