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Contracts of Employment

Contracts of Employment

Contract - Apprentice

A contract of employment for an Apprentice

Contract - Hourly Paid

A contract of employment for hourly paid employees

Contract - Salaried

A contract of employment for salaried employees

Contract - Zero Hours

This is a zero hours contract for an employee

Example - Bonus Scheme

Example terms of bonus scheme

Example - Commission Scheme

Example terms for a commission scheme

Guidance - Contract Clauses Explained

This is a short explanation of the contract clauses found in the templates.

Guidance - More Clauses

Additional clauses for contracts

Letter - Offer Letter with contract

Letter to be sent with the contract

Template - Written Statement of Terms

This cover the basic legal requirements of S1. ERA

Worker Agreement

An agreement for a worker / casual worker 

Training Deductions

Form - Training Request and Deduction...

A form to request training and provide for training deductions