2. Induction Training

Employee Induction Induction training is the process of integrating a new employee into the company. Induction will include the basics of welcoming new employees to the team, completing paperwork (see New Starters), and introducing them to the company, but importantly it also includes providing employees with information about how you do things, your standards, rules and codes of conduct, plus providing them with the information, knowledge and skill they need to be a happy and productive team member for example, how the company computer system works, product knowledge etc. Induction will happen over a period of time as the employee covers more areas. What is known is that the sooner you can successfully induct someone into the company, the quicker they will be able to...

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A good induction programme can significantly increase the retention of employees and helps them to contribute more quickly. Your induction should be designed to be informative, practical and easy to manage.

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