An introduction to HR and What role does HR play within an SME organisation?

Human Resources Management (HR) is an essential part of running any successful business. There are regulations and legal requirements to comply with and procedures surrounding every aspect of employment. will help you cover all of this and more. 

Human Resources (HR) is NOT about being "pink and fluffy". HR should be about a practical and effective approach to managing people that supports the organisation and helps the business achieve its objectives. 
Your employees are one of your greatest assets. You cannot run or build a business without good people, and quite frankly, the better your people are, the better your business will be. However, people can also be one of your biggest liabilities as there are numerous legal requirements to comply with, and it can be difficult to know where to start and exactly what you need to do. To add to this, employment law is always changing!
SMEs can often feel overwhelmed, frustrated and out of control when it comes to HR as they generally have limited in-house resources or expertise.  This can mean that they can, unknowingly, fall foul of employment law or regulations. has been written for SMEs. It explains HR without legal jargon and will help you navigate through HR and employment law and help you implement an HR foundation that will ensure that you can meet legal requirements and be compliant. It covers the day-to-day issues that can arise within an SME, from new starters, absence, conduct issues, non-performance, termination, and much more.
Read the HR introduction and Top HR Tips to help you on your journey to HR success. 

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1. How to use will allow you manage all the day-to-day HR situations that arise within an SME and to build and maintain a solid HR foundation. It includes all the guidance and templates you will need, divided into different categories from recruitment, ending employment and everything in between.

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