3. Contract Clauses Explained

These guidance notes: List the difference contract types available on YourHR.guide Give a brief explanation of contract clauses in the template contracts Give a brief explanation of the additional contract clauses found in the document ‘More Clauses’ Important note: further details about the subjects covered in the contract are available throughout YourHR.guide. For example, there is a section on holidays, absence and family friendly rights. All the documents referred to in the contracts (policies, forms etc) are available on YourHR.guide. Template Contracts The following template contracts are available on YourHR.guide: [template id="157"]Hourly Paid[/template] [template id="156"]Salaried[/template] [template id="162"]Apprentice[/template] [template id="223"]Zero Hours[/template] You can amend these templates and add in additional clauses (see [template id="158"]‘More Clauses’[/template]) to make other types of contract. For example, you could use...

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Guidance explaining contract clauses in more detail.

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