2. The Written Statement

Legal Requirements and the Written Statement Under the Employment Rights Act, as of 6th April 2020 the following must be provided to employees and workers. For employees, this information can be provided as part of the written contract of employment.Most particulars are required to be included in a single document by day one of employment.

There are a few exceptions (explained below) which may be given in installments up to two months after the beginning of employment.Particulars that must currently be given in a single document (referred to as the principal statement):

The names of the employer and employee The date the employment starts, and the date the employee’s period of continuous employment began Pay (or method of calculating it) and interval of payment...

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A Written Statement of Terms must be provided to an employee (or worker) on or before their first day of employment. There are specific areas to be covered under the Employment Rights Act 1996.

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