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New content added to the site:

30/11/21 - New Social Events Policy.

16/11/20 - New Menopause Policy.

20/10/2021 - New guidance on Questions to Ask at a Grievance Meeting.

01/10/21 - Furlough guidance and template letters REMOVED (due to the end of Furlough).

20/09/21 - New guidance on Questions to Ask at the Beginning of Every Disciplinary Meeting.

20/09/21 - New Script - Disciplinary Meeting Agenda template.

24/08/21 - New case study on job descriptions.

24/08/21 - New case study on pregnancy and maternity

24/08/21 - New pregnancy risk assessment - office.

19/07/2021- New form regarding repayment of immigration fees.

19/07/2021-New guidance on employing foreign nationals and sponsorship.

23/06/2021- New guidance on Payroll, Payslips and Pensions. All available from the Employment Facts section.

23/06/2021- New guidance on employing your first person.

24/05/2021- Travel Policy (pool car or use of own car)

24/05/2021- Company Car Policy

11/05/2021- Workers Agreement . An agreement that can be used for Workers covering S1 ERA requirements.

11/05/2021- Retracting Redundancy Notice. Guidance on withdrawing redundancy notice.

26/04/2021- Calculating the minimum wage. Guidance on what can and cannot be included and the reference period.

05/04/2021- Form - Calculating Redundancies. A form to collect all the information needed to calculate redundancies.

05/04/2021 Reasonable Adjustments - Guidance on making reasonable adjustments. 

04/03/2021 Paying for Training and Training Deductions  - Guidance regarding paying for training.

01/02/2021- Furlough letter / agreement - Flex furlough letter.

01/02/2021- Return from furlough letter / agreement - Return from furlough letter.

16/01/2021- Retracting Notice - Can an employee retract their notice once given?

16/01/2021 - Letters - Retracting notice. 1) Allowing employee to retract notice or 2) Not allowing employee to retract notice

Updates to existing content 

26/11/2021 - Update to Upcoming Changes information.

16/11/2021 - Update to Minimum Wage guidance, including rates from 1st April 2022.

03/08/2021 - All contract templates have been updated following changes to Eligibility to Work in the UK guidance.

24/06/2021 - Update to Eligibility to Work in the UK guidance.

22/06/2021 - Update to COVID-19 & Eligibility to work in the UK. Government update guidance

26/04/2021 - Update to COVID-19 & Eligibility to work in the UK. Government update guidance

15/03/2021 - New rates for 'a weeks pay' for redundancy purposes

04/03/2021 - Update to Furlough leave following the budget and extension of furlough to September 2021

01/03/2021 - New National Minimum Wage Rates

01/03/2021 - New rates for SSP, SMP, etc 

01/04/2000 - Legal Requirements and Written Statement of Terms